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   BREAKFAST BOX is a unique combined food & beverage carry box and is the ideal solution for offering breakfast at hotels. Offering breakfast in a BREAKFAST BOX gives hotel guests the opportunity to avoid buffet synchronization and enjoy their breakfast in the room or outside the hotel, even taking it with them on their excursions.
   The uniqueness of BREAKFAST BOX lies in its design which achieves the creation of 4 safe places that allow it to safely carry food and beverages/drinks of different temperatures (hot, cold, frozen) without the temperature of each of the transported products affecting the temperature of others.
   BREAKFAST BOX has two thermally independent beverage cup holders, which allow the users to enter the cups directly from the outside, at any time desired by the user and regardless of the placement inside the food, whether the box is open or closed so that the drinks can be placed last to have the best possible taste performance. Its interior is also divided into two thermally independent levels, top and bottom, where food of different temperatures can be placed without affecting each other.

   BREAKFAST BOX is made from recycled cardboard and is fully recyclable after use.

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